— En lek med oändlig optimism och storhetsvansinne


Portal — Between the legs, backwards and upside down


“Portal” is a colourful assemblage of conjoined body parts. The widespread legs form a carnal portal and the act is “the wrong way around” – a symbol of the reversal of the traditional order. The pose is erotic and active, while plaster and paper is timeless, hard, dead materials, far from carnal.

The Doll - a fine stripe of hair


This doll has the attribute of a stuffed animal, with fur covering most of the body. It sits in a backward position, on a bare, cold and slightly withered round of concrete. Concrete which has attributes associated with concepts such as immobility and solidification and has a texture that seems to reject human touch.

Nyfiket, Yrvaket —  Territorium


Collaboration with Jonathan Dewoon

Light installation for Linköping Municipality/Visit Linköping as a part of the projekt Vinterstad i Ljus/City of Winter in Light 2018

Never Saw your Body


O Death, were is thy Sting?


Collaboration with Morgan E. Russell

Exhibited at RSA New Contemporaries 2017


Dimension 11

Glagow 2016-17


During 2016 and early 2017 I resided in shorter periods at the Laurieston Arches in Glasgow. I had Arch no 11. It resulted in the group show called Parallell Dimensions, where me and Morgan E. Russell together formed Dimension 11. 

Dead/Asleep - Fading Fleshy Forest

Collaboration with Morgan E. Russell


This installation represents a dying stage of the two artists collaborative practice. Broken sculptures and withered artworks from previous exhibitions lie surrounding newer pieces, pointing to a limbo where the merged practice must die or evolve.

New Flesh


Collaboration project with Morgan E. Russell

Exhibition in Garage Space, Barnes Building, Glasgow

One is not Born, but rather Becomes



Joint exhibition with Rebecca Lindsmyr

Simone de Beauvoir once expressed that one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman. 


Through the title we have excluded the word woman, to expand the concept and also to highlight its possible limitations regarding a likewise fluctuating physical body. 

<- Photo by Beejoy Sanjev

Passive Aggressive Desire


<- Photo by Beejoy Sanjev

Let the Earth Rejoice


Collage/drawing in mixed media

The Devil is in the Details


Consist of a found toy animal made of wood which is redesigned with a grinder and a dough-like pinkish paste to form an atypical genitalia. Standing up-side-down and watching itself in the mirror, while the mirror revealing its private parts before the viewer.

The titel refers to how we tend to pay too much attention to the details which really should not matter.

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