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New Flesh


Collaborative exhibition with Morgan Russell

6/4 2016 in Garage Space, Barnes Building



Text from event:




An exhibition showcasing the collaborative work of
Jennifer Spångerud and Morgan E Russell. 

Three days prior to the exhibition, a sculptural environment will be constructed in the space from a range of materials including natural debris, latex, fabric and wood.

NEW FLESH is a collaborative sculptural exploration of the merging of two studio practices, both driven by concepts of fear, nature and disgust. An atmospheric installation housing the objective remnants of absent inhabitants. 

The spontaneity of making is an important part of the partnership. By working in immediacy, using malleable materials and crude action, art making is returned to a primal sensibility.

(NEW FLESH is a name loosely based on a line in the Cronenberg film Videodrome; "Long live the new flesh!")


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