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One is not born,

but rather becomes

Joint exhibition with Rebecca Lindsmyr

at The Art School 30-31/3 2016




Exhibition text:




Simone de Beauvoir once expressed that one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman. Through this quote she argues that femininity does not arise from differences in biology, psychology, or intellect. Rather, femininity is a construction of civilization. Woman is not born fully formed; she is shaped by her upbringing.


Through the title we have excluded the word woman, to expand the concept and also to highlight its possible limitations regarding a likewise fluctuating physical body. 


In our artistic practice we unite in the perception of the body as a neither permanent nor definable entity. However, how we aesthetically respond to the body as a subject matter is in direct contrast to each other; the clinical set against the beastly. In this exhibition these two entry points are brought together to generate a conversation between different approaches to the body.

Works exhibited: 

Animal Energies 

Ultrapassive Aggressive Desire

Let the Earth Rejoice







Photographer: Bejov Sanjeev


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