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This was a project I began working on during my Master in Fine Art at HDK-Valand 2020. It is about napping and sleeping. A crossover between domestic and public space and between private and collective sleeping. Focusing on Bi- or Poly-phasic ways of sleeping, which means sleeping more than one period each 24 hours.  This is a text I began writing about the project:

Rest or sleep is in general romanticised, in art and literature for instance. But in reality, especially outside the domestic area, it immediately becomes stigmatised. 

I would like this investigative project to be playful, to be shaped and developed during the processes. I have started making posters and other visuals, simultaneously with arranged collective napping, which also will be irl in the future.

Further on it might also include making a manifesto and “props” for sleeping, like cuddling toys, blankets and furniture sets for sleeping.

I’m partly inspired by the Fluxus movement as in ideas about the ludicrous, in relation to a person falling asleep “at the wrong place” being seen as something odd and weird.

​The idea is that the project will address sleep as a public interest. Everyone has the need for rest. But it also has a highly personal ground which I won't hide.​

In opposition to earlier projects this will be based on action, a playful action together with other people, to address or investigate non-productivity and the clash between the private and public. To encounter the stigmatised attitude towards a sleeping “non-productive” person as provoking.

​I have begun to form a core group for the project, with whom I will sleep collectively and exchange ideas and thoughs with. If you would like to take part please contact me or join the facebook-group Sleeping Collective!

Link to: Ways to sleep


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