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Event text:
An interactive exhibition by Jennifer Spångerud and Viktor Lysell Smålänning on the topics of separation and transformation, exerted through ritual.

In rites of passages, individuals go through the sequential pattern of separation, transformation and reincorporation. Attempts at transforming one’s perspectives on oneself and the outer world can be benefited by aligning to this structure. In The Principle of Internal Rejection, visitors are invited to partake in a rite of internal transformation through interaction with installation.


Jennifer Spångerud’s practice is based in sculpture. Her work strongly references themes surrounding sleep, death, architectural grotesques and monstrosity in physical bodies. 

Viktor Lysell Smålänning leads groups and individuals through ritual processes in his work as a ritual designer. Primarily his focus is to make use of ritual in the world of work.

Spångerud's exploration of metamorphosis of bodies and how monstrosity sits in the self is in The Principle of Internal Rejection joint with Lysell Smålänning’s investigations in the place for ritual in the 21st century.

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