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Om / About

My practice strongly references themes surrounding sleep, death, architectural grotesques and monstrosity in physical bodies. After being diagnosed with narcolepsy at a young age and growing up in a family of medical professionals, my interest in these themes grew into a fascination. A passion developed to investigate our guttural physical reactions and sensations to things considered to be disgusting or in the realm of the uncanny.


Through creating bodies with atypical/absent or divided expression of sexual physical characteristics I am hoping to blur or affect preconceptions and ideas to make these associations more fluid.

I use a variety of materials: food waste, fur and combine them with papier mache techniques. The resolved projects often end up being quite fragile with sizes ranging between smaller singular objects to larger installations. My works are in constant metamorphosis, I reuse material from previous works continuously. Developing a finished artwork or planning my projects can result in temporary installations, sculptures, documentation or photographs – I like to keep the body of work fluid and hence alive.

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