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Alla Hästar Hemma

A Few Cards Shy of a Full Deck


Kollaboration/rumslig installation med Jonathan Dewoon

Ölands Konstskola år 2 - slututställning på Kalmar Konstmuseum


Collaboration/spatial installation with Jonathan Dewoon

Öland Art School year 2 - final exhibition at Kalmar Konstmuseum

A Few Cards Shy of a Full Deck,  was built for a limited time at Kalmar Museum of Contemporary Art. To see the installation, you first had to pass one cloth and step inside. Inside you could grab a flash light and walk through another piece of cloth. The cloths served as light-lock function - to prevent light from entering the installation.

It was pitch-black inside, except from some red vague lights, and you could orient yourself around using the flashlight. Different kind of "monsters" was hanging through the ceiling as well as crawling at the walls;


Hairy creatures, deformed bodys, small crawling insects and starring eyes. Rag rugs that made a fuzzy soft uneven feeling on the floor. The monstrous sounds in different sound levels alongside the significant sound of snoring in the background.


We used wall modules to build the walls and it became a corridor and a small quadrangular room in the end.


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